simuPOP has been moved to github. Please submit your question to the simuPOP issue tracker. Although the simuPOP mailing lists will still be used.

A mailing list simupop-list is devoted to the discussion of simuPOP related topics. You will need to subscribe to this list before you send any message.

If you are reporting a bug of simuPOP, please make sure that you are running simuPOP in standard mode, with perhaps debug code DBG_WARNING turned on because the error and warning messages can sometimes help you identify problems with your script. To turn on debug mode, please add

import simuOpt
simuOpt.setOptions(optimized=False, debug='DBG_WARNING')

to yours cript before you import simuPOP.

This mailinglist is generally of low-volume (about 5 emails per month). Note that all list emails are archived and can be searched from the simupop-list archive.